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The Five Star Reviews are coming in!

Craig S. Parker: superlative

if only every author was this good. after so many turkeys available on kindle it is a pleasure to read such an erudite and well plotted book. if you read one book this is it. My only complaint is there is no endind. You just hang out

Andrew H. Bardwell: An Impressive Debut

It is hard to believe that Pipov is Bob Cousins' first book. While the techno-thriller is not typically my genre, I was thoroughly engrossed by this book. Mr. Cousins is a great story teller; including enough twists, turns, and action to keep even the most ADD reader turning the pages. He explains enough of the science to to keep those of us without a technical background up to speed, without seeming professorial.

Mr. Cousins has also managed to create remarkably likeable and engaging charaters. Jack Pipov is the proverbial bad-ass. Calm, cool, and reassuringly capable, he is a hero in the same vein as Dirk Pitt or Jack Reacher, yet with a bit more depth and realism.

We can only hope that Mr. Cousins sees fit to provide us with a prequel so we can learn a bit more about Mr. Pipov's formative adventures. Give us more Mr. Cousins, give us more!

S. A. Wilson: Couldn't Put It Down!

This was one of those books that I literally couldn't put down once I started it.

I'm not usually a fan of the techno-thriller kind of book, but this one went above and beyond. Knowing next to nothing about engineering, the book did a great job of describing everything in a way I understood but without talking down to me. I was blown away by the complexity of what was happening, but could explain it or describe it if asked. The plot was suspenseful and kept me guessing throughout... and I was never left disappointed. Also, being from the North East and living in Denver, I appreciated the accuracy of all the setting descriptions. The characters were likable and believable, and I definitely want to find out what will happen to Ann and Jack next.

I look forward to seeing if there is a prequel or sequel to this book- or both!

Jane Sargent: Engineers can be Sexy

This is the perfect book to read on a coast-to-coast airplane flight, even if it may make you start to sweat about terrorism and air safety. Pipov is a Czech engineer, a creative problem-solver with a remarkably interesting past. While trying to solve our nation's energy problems, he runs into some formidable villains and has to outsmart and outfight them, of course. As a character, Pipov is more three-dimensional and interesting than the usual thriller's ex-military heroes. I was disappointed to find that this was the only book R. Cousins has written (yet,) because I would have ordered them all.

Richard L. Fairbank: Cotton and Reacher, meet Pipov

Steve Berry and Lee Child, meet Robert Cousins.

Jack Pipov, like Cotton Malone and Jack Reacher, with a long and colorful past (which we need to hear more about, Mr. Cousins), just wants to be done with the excitement and left alone to his new life. But it's not to be. At least I hope not as I'm looking forward to many future Pipov adventures. He's the brilliant, powerful and experienced hero upon which to base a series of successful novels.

Robert Cousins is now a great addition to the list of current affairs thriller authors. He has a wide range of knowledge which adds real importance and credibility to an already entertaining and topical story. A good addition to the book would be a background section at the end (like Steve Berry's "Writer's Notes") expanding a bit on some of the technical and historical information presented.

Laurence C. Brevard: Clancy to Coonts to Cousins? A real "page turner"

This is a very well done first novel. I completely concur with Mr. Campbell's review.

Even a handful of Kindle formatting glitches could not distract from the relentless buildup of the story.

Not since early Tom Clancy and Stephen Coonts has a techno-thriller grabbed me emotionally like this.

OK... I'm ready for a prequel - there were tantalizing allusions to Pipov's background throughout.

Glen Campbell: Very engaging techno-thriller

One can only hope that terrorists don't find this book, because it could make an excellent training manual for asymmetrical warfare. On the other hand, it's an eye-opening look into the possible "soft underbelly" of our American culture and how that might best be protected.

The main characters are engaging, if a bit mysterious (I'd really like to know more about Jack's Czech background, but perhaps there's room here for a prequel). But the really interesting bits are the author's explorations of the various mechanisms by which terror can be manufactured and how it could be defended against. It's also interesting in how the passions of people (in this case, the eco-warriors) can be tapped by the "bad guys" and used for nefarious ends.

Told in a very straightforward, linear narrative, the book flows from its explosive (ha!) beginnings through it's chilling, if inevitable, end.

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